Froncis and the Vanquishers of Evil

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3 Years Later

Three years have passed with the slowly known FATVOE. Froncis has gone off tending to his bardic duties, bored out of his mind with no war and no one really need too much of rescuing. Vaalan has gone to assist in the war of past, staying around Stormwind to heal at the cathedral. Foss has gone dealing with some secret issues that the Purple Leaf has to deal with, during this time, he has spent years of meditation in order to grow more in a strange new fighting style. Miri has spent most of her time raising and tending to Evanise, her daughter. Froncis, relaxing in Goldshire, gets news of a troll issue over in Redrige Mountains. Rushing over to help, Froncis comes across Miry with little Evanise. Froncis informs Miri of the situation, Miri decides to join in and help calling upon Foss for a little extra assistance, and Evan to watch over Evanise. The trio then hear about a strange humanoid creature healing and helping people over near the cathedral, knowing it is Vaalan, the trio go to him in hopes of his help. He joins them, glad to see his old friends again.

The trio travel into the night, heading towards Redridge Mountains, a bit too excited about their reunion and a bit of help FATVOE can once again help in. That night, they run into a group of creatures like Vaalan, a Draenei. They host them, informing them to watch out, there is more out there then they realize.

The next evening, the adventurers make it to Redridge only to discover that the troll problem was solved by a trio going under the name of FATVOE. Hear the ruckus at the bar, they happen to see Vladamir, Gwillym, and Rologar, but not too long after they see them, the three disappear. The group decides to rest the night and see what else is out there they can do. Froncis has made a date with a woman shopkeeper, but he keeps seeing a strange woman with dark hair that does not seem to be there.

At the bar, the group starts to hear screams from outside, they discover demons are attacking the village, quickly defeat them but are left with more questions and a new adventure.


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